This one’s dedicated to all the gluten-intolerant bread and pastry lovers. Let’s be honest, the supermarket selection of gluten-free baked goods can be, well, uninspiring. Thankfully Melbourne has a handful of gluten-free specialty bakeries that are reducing celiac’s fomo when it comes to being able to get their hands on fresh bread, pastries and desserts. 

Located down on Kooyong Road in Elsternwick, 4Me is a coeliac-accredited gluten-free bakery. A popular institution for many allergy and intolerance sufferers, 4Me serves up an extensive range of not only gluten-free but also nut and dairy-free bread, cakes, pastries and more. There’s a plethora of treasures to discover here, from their staple bagels and olive loaf all the way to their doughy cinnamon Babka, cupcakes, cookies and more.